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Since 2008 we have served over 500 clients worldwide. Let us show you some of them
Everything begins with a story... We help you to develop the right one for your audience.
Design & Illustration
From business cards, logos and brochures to entire campaigns. We deliver ground-breaking graphic design for you.
Web & Mobile
User-friendly, responsive, cross-device, goal-oriented and much more. We offer the web & mobile solutions for your needs.
Voice Over, Music & Jingles
Trying to be heard? We are specialists in offering voice-overs in virtually any language, as well as music and jingles to fit all purposes.
Translation, Localization and Copywriting
From simple translations all the way to translation glossaries, style guides and highly technical
copywriting – our writers' expertise knows no bounds.
Videobooklets & Brochures
Interested to wow your audience with unique ways to present your products and services? Our videobooklets are an amazing instrument to acquire news customers. They work great offline, can be used as a give-away to customers on the fairs, as a mailing or when pitching a customer or an investor.
Animated Videos, Video production, TV Commercials
Explainer Videos / Product Videos / Recruiting Videos / TV Commercials / App Videos / Explainer Videos and much more. If it's video, we can do it.
Viral Video Marketing
Over 1.200.000 minutes of our Explainer Videos have been watched on YouTube so far. Let us help you too.
Social Media Support
Social Media can prove to be difficult to manage, allow our experts in this field to assist you and take yours to the next level.
Interactive Learning-Videos, Webinars & e-Learning
From open seminars, to training courses and full-fledged learning management systems (LMS), we can meet every curriculum with the most modern requirements.
SEO, SEM and all the other S's are areas we can help you with as well – from simple promotions all the way to integrated online marketing campaigns.
Everything Else…
And if it isn't listed here, we would still love to speak to you because we pride ourselves in trying to make every request possible.
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Our ultimate goal is to deliver value in the form of what your business needs to succeed through
high quality services.
Digital content for your business quality
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We are consistently praised as being a leading service provider that delivers quality and value to our
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All the different communication tools available nowadays, coupled with our enthusiasm make it so
that we are almost always available to you.
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Surprisingly our prices, despite our high standards, are always reasonable and fair – and if you
disagree, we are always happy to talk about it.
Customer Service in Your Language
Prefer to communicate in your own language? No problem, we almost always can accommodate
such requests as well, particularly for all main languages obviously.
Prompt Delivery
Thanks to our tested and proven method we are usually able to deliver commissioned work promptly and even in time for tight deadlines.
Our Expertise
Allow us to prove our expertise to you. Contact us and we will be happy to start doing so.
We are loyal to our core values. WE ARE RUSH.
RUSH is a communication agency with offices in the UK, Germany, Baltic States and Russia.
Our primary interest is based on improving communications between your organization and stakeholders including employees, partners, customers, investors, government and others. We believe that smooth and effective communication inside an organization (internal), as well as outside its walls (external) is one of the most crucial factors to the success for any organization, whether it be public or private. Our team of professionals consists of people coming from a multitude of different backgrounds and expertise. Being a team of internationally-minded, creative people; we strive to improve communication within your own organization by putting our know-how together and making the best out of it for you.
Thanks to our international team, we are also able to assist you in different languages; making our communication not only enjoyable, but also effective and result orientated.
What our clients say about us?
"Using a "blended learning" approach, educational movies and web-based training (WBT) were combined with the goal of passing along knowledge about this strategically important topic in an optimal way. Design of the training: After a short, humorous introductory video which brings attention to the topic of LTE in a playful way, we provided instruction in the knowledge which Swisscom Shop employees must master and which they must be able to pass on to their customers effortlessly. We extend our thanks to Easyfilms for the excellent, professional collaboration as well as the fast implementation of this dynamic, complex and exciting training project.We enthusiastically recommend that companies use this type of learning process elsewhere."
Niels Storkfeld, Head of LTE Pilot Project, Swisscom AG (Bern, Schweiz)
Our company's explanatory video came out good and the specific requests were taken into account every time. The process was smooth, professional and customer oriented.
Definitely recommended!!
Aanchal Sood, HR Business Partner, TSCNET Services GmbH
EasyFilms ist ein hervorragender Dienstleister wenn es um die kurzfristige Produktion von Erklärfilmen geht. Hohe Qualität, pünktliche Lieferung und reibungslose Abstimmung. Dank des produzierten Films konnte ein komplexer Sachverhalt für eine große Social Media Community verständlich visualisiert werden. Bei Bedarf werden wir auch in Zukunft gerne wieder mit Easyfilms zusammenarbeiten!
Manuel Schache, Project Manager, Advertising Agency wegewerk. GmbH (Berlin)
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Key Account Manager